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Selected Publications

S. Son, A. Lyden, J. Shu, S.I. Stephens, P. Fozouni, G.J. Knott, D.C.J. Smock, T.Y. Liu, D. Boehm, G.R. Kumar, J.A. Doudna, M. Ott, D.A. Fletcher, "Sensitive and multiplexed RNA detection with Cas13 droplets and kinetic barcoding", MedRxiv 2021

P. Fozouni*, S. Son*, M. Díaz de León Derby*, G.J. Knott, C.N. Gray, M.V. D’Ambrosio, C. Zhao, N.A. Switz, G.R. Kumar, S.I. Stephens, D. Boehm, C.-L. Tsou, J. Shu, A. Bhuiya, M. Armstrong, A.R. Harris, P.-Y. Chen, J.M. Osterloh, A. Meyer-Franke, B. Joehnk, K. Walcott, A. Sil, C. Langelier, K.S. Pollard, E.D. Crawford, A.S. Puschnik, M. Phelps, A. Kistler, J.L. DeRisi, J.A. Doudna, D.A. Fletcher, M. Ott, "Amplification-free detection of SARS-CoV-2 with CRISPR-Cas13a and mobile phone microscopy", Cell 2021

Press coverage

Forbes, December 13, 2020
Can CRISPR-Based COVID-19 Testing Using Smartphones Slow the Pandemic?

ABC7 News, January 11, 2021
Bay Area researchers develop new rapid COVID-19 that uses smartphone camera

B. Belardi, S. Son, J.H. Felce, M.L. Dustin, D.A. Fletcher, "Cell–cell interfaces as specialized compartments directing cell function", Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 2020

S. Son, S.C. Takatori, B. Belardi, M. Podolski, M.H. Bakalar, D.A. Fletcher, "Molecular height measurement by cell surface optical profilometry (CSOP)", PNAS 2020

PNAS In This Issue

M.H. Bakalar, A.M. Joffe, E.M. Schmid, S. Son, M. Podolski, D.A. Fletcher, "Size-Dependent Segregation Controls Macrophage Phagocytosis of Antibody-Opsonized Targets", Cell 2018

Before 2015

S. Son*, J.H. Kang*, S. Oh, M.W. Kirschner, T.J. Mitchison, S. Manalis, "Resonant microchannel volume and mass measurements show that suspended cells swell during mitosis", JCB 2015

S. Son*, M.M. Stevens*, H.X. Chao, C. Thoreen, A.M. Hosios, L.D. Schweitzer, Y. Weng, K. Wood, D. Sabatini, M.G. Vander Heiden, S. Manalis, , "Cooperative nutrient accumulation sustains growth of mammalian cells", Scientific Reports 2015

S. Byun, S. Son, D. Amodei, N. Cermak, J. Shaw, J.H. Kang, V.C. Hecht, M.M. Winslow, T. Jacks, P. Mallick, S.R. Manalis, "Characterizing deformability and surface friction of cancer cells", PNAS 2013

S. Son, A. Tzur, Y. Weng, P. Jorgensen, J. Kim, M.W. Kirschner, S.R. Manalis, "Direct observation of mammalian cell growth and size regulation", Nature Methods 2012

M. Godin, F. Delgado, S. Son, W. Grover, A. Bryan, A. Tzur, P. Jorgensen, K. Payer, A. Grossman, M. Kirschner, S. Manalis, "Using buoyant mass to measure the growth of single cells", Nature Methods 2010

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